Healthy Eating Consultation

Exercise is not enough to achieve balance and good health, you have to eat well too. Using my training as an American Council on Exercise Health Coach, I can help you develop healthy eating habits. I do not only focus on weight loss, but rather teach you how to choose your foods with balance and health in mind. An initial consultation is FREE so we can decide if the services provided are what you are looking for. I will ask for a 2 day realistic food log from you during the first session so that I can run it through a nutrition analysis software package. Using the report from the analysis at our second session, I'll show you how to make some changes to help balance your diet with healthier choices. Along with the analysis of your current eating habits, you also receive three days of sample healthy eating menus along with the corresponding computer analyses so you can compare the two. I also create a customized healthy eating check list so you can have a handy visual to help you in making your food choices all based on the latest Dietary Guidelines. As part of the sessions, I can do a body fat estimation using two methods: Bioelectrical Impedance and body caliper measurement of the subcutaneous fat. Knowing the estimates of your body fat and lean body percentages will help you to determine your ideal weight without guessing.

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