Dance Classes

Customize your own dance classes from the following list of dances. They can be taught either with or without partners, although the dances that lend themselves better to couples are indicated below. Though you'll still be getting exercise, these classes focus more on the dance steps and more patterns than the Cardio Dance Party Fitness classes. Just pick the dances you would like to cover and I'll customize the class to your needs. The classes can be taught at your home or office, or you can come to my home studio.

Private Dance Classes

Cost per one hour dance lesson: $25 per hour, held at my home studio, or $35 per hour if held in your home or office.

Private Dance Party

Would you like your next party to be a smash hit?? How about dance lessons for your guests? I have several years experience teaching large groups (for example, at one of the several public summer dance festivals held in the city of Chicago), in addition to smaller gatherings like private weddings and private holiday parties. I can bring my own compact sound system or use the one you provide.

Cost per one hour dance lesson/party: $50

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